Top 5 Best Bassinets For Flight

Traveling with your infant is awesome. But it’s not so easier as much you think. Because you can’t make them sit in the passenger seats if they are below 2 years. If you have newborn or baby below 2 years you have to take care of them while traveling somewhere. You should give the comfort travel to them. Traveling on road is may easy with newborn. But when we talk about the flight travel it’s quite difficult to manage.

Are you planning to fly around the world with your new infant?

If you are planning to travel on the flight with your newborn then you have to choose the best way for the comfortable journey. Here are some valuable information about baby bassinets.

What is a baby bassinets?

A baby bassinet is nothing but a baby basket or cot or cradle that allows you to carry your baby. It specially designed for infants with various of dimension to provide the comfort journey to your little treasure. Bassinets or ideal choice for all parents. The bassinets can be hung on the wall of the airplane or placed on the shelf.

How to get flight bassinet?

Getting an airplane with bassinets is not so easy since not all flights offering bassinets options. Some particular flights such as emirates flights offer the bassinets. The bassinet option varies based on the classes.

In economy class, the bassinets option comes with the cabin divider where the bassinet is fixed in front of you. In business and first class bassinets are comes with the shelf option where it can be placed on the surface. But not all the economy and first class comes with the bassinets option.

What you should know before booking baby bassinets?

Here is some information you should know about the bassinets before reserving it.

  • Be sure on your newborn age, weight and height.
  • Find the flight that offers the bassinets.
  • If you have more than one infant you have to book the separate bassinet for both.
  • Know the layout of the airplane. It will help you to choose the bassinet on the comfortable place.
  • Try to get the bassinet in the middle of the airplane.
  • Enter the age, height, and weight of your newborn correctly.

How to choose the best flight bassinet?

This is the important thing you have to matter. The booking bassinet is important since not all the flights offer bassinets. Here are some steps that may help you to choose the right bassinet.

Step #1:

Not all the aircraft offers the same model of bassinets. They are offering it based on the aircraft size. Some airlines offer the bassinets like Moses baskets and some offers like car seat style. Choose the bassinet based on your baby’s height/weight. Some flights come with the option of booking bassinets for extra money.

Step #2:

While looking for the bassinets make sure your travel agent booking the bulkhead bassinets for your baby. If you are booking flights online, then it is better to make the call with airlines and confirm that they are having bassinets option. Because sometimes they include the bassinet on layout but they won’t come with the bassinet on travel.

Step #3:

After booking the bassinet it is better to make the call your airline before a week to confirm your seat. Because maximum airlines come with the limited bassinets option. In that situation, they will allocate the bassinets based on the priority.

Step #4:

Make sure that are check-in to the airport before two hours of departure. Still, you have to confirm the bassinet seat again. It is better to get the information like how many babies are coming and how many bassinets are available on the flight.

Step #5

After entering into the flight get your bassinet before the flight starts as soon as possible. Make sure you got the same bassinet you have reserved.

How to use the bassinet while you are flying with your baby?

Using bassinet on the flight is important to ensure the comfortable journey to your infant. Here are some tips to use the bassinet in the best way.

  • When you get into the flight tell the hostess to arrange the bassinets for your baby as soon as possible.
  • Check the quality of the bassinets whether it has the ability to carry your baby.
  • Airlines will provide the blankets and bedsheets. But it is better to use your own baby blankets.
  • Before getting baby into the bassinet check the surface of the bassinet by your hand. whether it is soft of not. If it not soft then use one more bedsheet.
  • Check your baby often for the safety.

What are the alternatives for flight baby bassinets?

In some case, you won’t get the bassinet on the flight even after you book the bassinets or you can not expect the bassinets in economy class. In that situation, you have to find the alternative for the comfortable journey of your baby. Here I would like to suggest some alternatives for flight bassinets. Use the Baby travel beds while you are in travel with your newborn.

What is baby travel beds?

Baby travel beds offer the best solution if you think flight bassinets are expensive. Baby travel beds are compact beds or cots and come with the various model and colors. Here are some best baby travel beds that offer the comfortable journey.

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel bassinet is the compact and lightweight bassinets that ensure the comfort journey for your newborn. It comes with the mesh panel design and breathable fabric. It includes the locking frame that provides the safe and comfort.

It designed with the Four-Point Safe-T-Lock system that offers safety and security. It made up of a double locking tubular steel frame that ensures the strong and durable. The mesh flow assures the maximum air flow. It’s lightweight so you can carry this to anywhere. It approved by the ASTM standards.


  • Durable and lightweight, ensures the portability.
  • It provides the safety with Four-Point Safe-T-Lock system
  • It comes with dual release mechanism that offers security.

[su_box title=”Our #1 Pick:BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet ” style=”soft” box_color=”#38B54A” title_color=”#ffffff”]

Special Feature:

It comes with the mesh panel design and breathable fabric.

Key features:

+ dual release method,

+ safe-t-lock system.


+ easy to carry,

+ air flow mesh.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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BABYBJORN is listed in the top 5 baby bassinets because it is very easy to carry along with you while you traveling on the flight. It comes with the 13 lbs weight that assures the portability. No special effort needed for setting up.

It designed with the breathable mesh sides and comfy mattress that offers the safety and comfort sleep to your infant. The travel crib materials are easily removable so you can wash it anytime. It is suitable for babies under the year of 0-3. It comes with the measure of 19 x 5.5 x 23.5 inches and 11 pounds weight.


  • The waterproof insulated mattress is easily washable.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Compact and lightweight quality.
  • The mattress are made of pure cotton.

[su_box title=”Our #2 Pick:BABYBJORN Travel Crib ” style=”soft” box_color=”#98278F” title_color=”#052c07″]

Special Feature:

No need to spend time to fit.

Key features:

+ pure cotton,

+ compact structure.


+ waterproof,

+ easy to carry.


+ Not portable for less height parents.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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KidCo Peapod

Kidco Peapod is covered by the lightweight mesh that provides the perfect airflow for the comfort sleep. It also acts as the insect screen that does not allow any insects inside the bed. This compact size bassinet comes in 2.5 lbs weight and it can be foldable into small size.

It designed with the UV protection and comes with the anchor straps that easily fit on the floor and it can be used for outdoor. The set up comes with fully assembled. It includes the large front zipper that provides the easy access to the child. It also includes the carry /storage bag.


  • The micro-Lite sleeping pads provide the security.
  • It comes with the removable snaps that assure the easy cleaning.
  • Compact and lightweight.

[su_box title=”Our #3 Pick:KidCo Peapod ” style=”soft” box_color=”#F1C712″ title_color=”#052c07″]

Special Feature:

It has manufactured with UV protection material.

Key features:

+ UV protection,

+ anchor straps.


+ large front zip,

+ good ventilation.


+ Not a cushion bed.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

This compact and lightweight bassinet comes with the inclined sleeper and diaper changer. The design is made of inclined sleeper that is removable. It is easy to wash. It comes with the travel changing clutch that allows the bassinet fit on the floor.

The viny cleaning pads ensures the comfort sleep.

It comes with the folding option that allows you to fold the bassinets when it is not required. It comes in 15 lbs weight that assures the portability.


  • It comes with the removable snaps that assure the easy cleaning.
  • Lightweight and durable.

[su_box title=”Our #4 Pick:Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard ” style=”soft” box_color=”#ED117D” title_color=”#ffffff”]

Special Feature:

The inclined sleeper in this product is removable.

Key features:

+ inclined sleeper,

+ vinyl changing pad.


+ easy to fold,

+ easy to clean.


+ Hard bed.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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Summer Infant Travel Bed

This special summer infant travel bed offers more comfort on sleeping while you are in travel with your infant. This mattress is designed with the nylon and provides the soft nature to the bed. The mattress is removable. It is easy to wash.

It designed with the folding option that allows you to fold the bassinet and it comes with detachable carry strap to take along with you on travel. The breathable mesh side panels provide the maximum air flow. The bed’s front panel zipper option provides the easy access to the child.


  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to clean

[su_box title=”Our #5 Pick:Summer Infant Travel Bed ” style=”soft” box_color=”#2AB0BA” title_color=”#ffffff”]

Special Feature:

The breathable mesh side panels provide the maximum ventilation.

Key features:

+ nylon material,

+ breathable mesh.


+ comfortable,

+ front zip panel.


+ Collapsible sides.

Our Rating: [usr 4.3 size=20]

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Bottom Line

Bassinet plays major role on travel with your newborn. These are all the popular baby travel beds used widely. Every products has it own unique features. You can choose the best one by comparing their features. I hope this article helped you to find the best bassinet for flights.