Top 10 best baby jumper reviews of 2018

What’s more mesmerizing than seeing your little infant laughing as he bounces and plays in his jumper? Baby jumper is like a playing device used by the little infants to play and exercise in. Baby jumpers are designed to allow a baby to bounce with the help of his toes to push himself off from the ground. It is a hoop suspended by an elastic strap in which the little infants gladden their selves by jumping on and off from the ground. It seems so amazing to see how a best baby jumper amuses the child and loves the feeling of moving his body.

Top reasons why mothers go for a baby jumper?

The reasons why mothers go for a baby jumper rely on the happiness and amusement of the child when he plays in a baby jumper. Mothers use a baby jumper because the device allows their babies to use his still developing leg muscle. Baby jumpers strengthen the baby’s leg muscles and for that this equipment suits every single child to get strengthen up and grow. Above all of that, Mothers look out for the ways of making their children laugh with amusement and to see them getting developed, and for that, jumpers steals the show.

3 Types of best baby jumpers are available on the market today

  • Doorway Baby Jumpers
  • Activity Jumpers
  • Stationary Jumpers

Although every type of jumper does the same job alike the others, there are a few types of jumpers you can look up to and make a better choice. Some jumpers come up with ‘more activity’ option and the rests are simple but are meant to be safer and sound for your child. There are three types of baby jumpers which have their own kind of features:

Best doorway baby jumper

A doorway baby jumper is also known as baby door jumper. This kind of jumper acts like a bungee swing. Here, the elastic cable holds the seat and the cable is attached to the door frame. They carry a fabric textured seat with a frame that helps surrounding the child. One of the interesting features it has is being mark free door clamp so it doesn’t leave any kind of mark on the doors. They have non-twisting straps and rubbered sides tray which further acts as a bumper and only demands to be used on door frames.

Best activity baby jumper

These jumpers come with a seat which is connected to the elastic cord, this is how the basic framework looks like. The fun of these type of jumpers is that the seat is surrounded with toys and music for making the ride more interesting and gladden up for the child. The toys vary from jumpers to jumpers but the reason behind the idea remains the same; to entertain your child in a better and refreshing way. Your little honey can not only bounce and feel the fun, apart from that he gets occupied with the toys all around him and the music turns the activity into a real delight.

Best stationary baby jumper

The stationary jumper comes with a sturdy stand which makes it safest than the other two types of jumpers. They don’t provide any kind of entertainment for your baby to increase the fun of the ride for your infant. This type of jumper is regarded as the safest amongst all as the sturdy stand makes the outer framework tougher and strong.


10 Top rated baby jumper reviews of 2017 that will help you choose the best baby jumper for your little one.

We have researched by conducting interviews from several mothers and by reading reviews on amazon and other websites and brought top 10 best rated baby jumpers that will definitely help you choose the best baby jumper for your little one.


Photo Jumper Weight Type Batteries Material
Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Fisher Price Jumperoo 25 lbs. Activity Jumper 3 AA batteries Metal
Evenflo Exersaucer Jumper Evenflo Exersaucer 22.8 lbs. Activity Jumper 6 AA batteries Polyester
Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper Baby Einstein Musical Motion 20 lbs Activity Jumper 3 AA batteries Polyester, Metal, Plastic
Sassy Inspire The Senses 25 Pounds Activity Jumper 2 AA batteries Polyester
Bright Starts Cute Critters 25 Pounds Activity Jumper 3 C batteries Polyester, Metal, Plastic
Graco Jump N Jive Musical Doorway Jumper Graco Jump N Jive With Musical Mat 25 Pounds Doorway Jumper 3 AA batteries (Included) Metal/Plastic
 Evenflo Smart Steps Jump Doorway Jumper Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and Go 24 Pounds Doorway Jumper 3 AAA batteries Metal/Plastic
 Graco Bumper Little Jungle Doorway Jumper Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle 25 Pounds Doorway Jumper Not Required Polyester
 Evenflo Jump And Go Exerciser Red Racer Doorway Jumper Evenflo Jump & Go Baby Exerciser 24 Pounds Doorway Jumper Not Required Metal
 Jolly With Stand Doorway Jumper Jolly Jumper with Stand 28 Lbs. Doorway Jumper Not Required Metal


What to look for when choosing a good baby jumper for your baby?

Choosing the right baby jumper for your child will be the toughest job to do because now the market is full of different types and brands-linked of baby jumpers. The following considerations you should take before buying a jumper:


First of all, you need to know the types of baby jumpers which are mentioned above. This will help you to make a better choice about what kind of baby jumper you need for you child and which one do you think can suit your little champ.

Weight Limit

Not every jumper has a sturdy frame, which means due to the safety of your child, some modes have a certain weight limit. Before considering any baby jumper, look out for the weight limit as per your baby’s security requirement. Don’t go for the jumper you think your baby can fit into. Keep a keen eye on the box and read the instructions and recommendations for further making up a decision.


Before getting a jumper, note down to yourself that your baby is the one for whom you are choosing the ride. So, when you are letting your baby sit on the jumper, then you should be looking for a strong seat with paddles or removable seats which will be comfortable for your child and could be easily detached when your baby spoils the seat.


For the ones who don’t have much space in their house, this gets important. Most of us look for detachable jumpers which we can easily break down and keep them in the store. But first, you need to build up the jumper when you buy it.

Toys & Activity

Toys aren’t there in the jumpers to make them look impressive, the young ones literally love them. So, before buying any jumper make sure the jumper carries toys and other activities like music which keeps them occupied and entertained.


Safety Comes First

Many people think baby jumpers are unsafe and not secured for the infants but the fact remains same that they are sold immensely and many people have blind trust on them. To maximize the safety of your baby, make sure to carry on these safety tips:

10 Safety tips you should always consider while using baby jumpers

  1. Make sure your floor is clean and safe from any kind of cluttering object that can harm your baby while jumping on and off from the ground.
  2. Never be too relaxed to leave your child alone in the room with him being in the jumper. Even if you’re 100% sure about the safety of a jumper, never be too carefree and leave your child alone in the room.
  3. When you think your baby has exceeded the height and weight limit of the jumper, make sure not to use it again.
  4. Do not place the jumpers near stairs and pool and never go for moving the jumper around when your baby is in the jumper already.
  5. Don’t keep any kind of dangerous material around your baby when he is in the jumper because the jumper doesn’t restrict the baby only to up and down movement, it moves back and forth as well, which can be dangerous if you’ve kept any sharp or unwanted objects around him.
  6. you should not use a jumper that is broken or badly damaged.
  7. Please make sure you place the baby’s jumper on a flat and leveled surface.
  8. Never attach any toy with the jumper with the help of strings or cables because that can get more dangerous than we can think.
  9. Place the jumper in the middle of the room when you’re about to put your child in the jumper as this is how he’ll stay away from the side placed objects that can harm him.
  10. Don’t leave your child in the jumper for extended hours no matter how much he loves jumping and cherishing around.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the baby jumper age recommendation?

Knowing that your baby’s height and weight matter when you’re thinking of getting a baby jumper is the best you could do. Except that, know the age recommendation of using a baby jumper which is generally 4 or older than 4.

  1. What is the weight limit of the jumper?

The weight limit of doorway and stationery jumpers is around 25lbs. Before getting a jumper, you should know that the weight limit of a jumper varies from brand to brand and model to model which means every jumper has different weight limit.

  1. For how long a baby can jump in a jumper?

In the starting days when your baby is learning how to use the device and trying to get used to of it, let him jump his ride for about 10 minutes. Later on, he can use the jumper for about 20 minutes. Always make sure that your baby needs to have an essential floor time as well for crawling, playing and laying.

  1. Jumpers, Swings or Bouncers which will go better?

Jumpers and walkers are entirely two different equipment. Their advantages and benefits are different from each other. Walkers are used by the babies just to move around in the room when they get frustrated of being still at one particular spot. They can be used from the age of 7 months to 1 year. Walkers are meant to be mobile and works great when baby wants to start exploring. On the other hand, jumpers work amazing for the babies who are between the age limit of 4 months to 8/9 months. They have much more developmental benefits than walkers as well.

  1. Do baby jumper helps in the baby’s development?

You all should know that baby jumpers do support the baby’s development as they help them with the leg muscles. They also strengthen up their body in every way and are meant to be useful for the baby’s body development.

Know more about the difference between jumpers, swings and bouncers and decide which one you should buy for your baby.

Babies’ walkers, jumpers and swings work different for every age limit. Here’s the brief introduction about each one of it.


Jumpers work on the development and strengthening of the legs as the baby jumps off from the ground. They work as a fun providing activity for the child as he/she enjoys the up and down movement.


Baby swings are mostly battery operated whereas some are electronic as well. They help the baby move in back and forth, and side to side position. They work same as the ordinary swings do, in fact, they are designed to provide amusement to the baby just like a jumper.


Bouncers can be used from the day one of your child’s birth. They keep the little ones safe and comfortable on a seat. Baby bouncers, known as baby rockers as well are a great way of helping your kid to sleep while you can manage other things too. They come with removable toys so you can keep the baby entertained as per your wish. Bouncers are either natural or electronic and some come with built in rocking motion as well


Now, you have enough information, resources, tips and comparison of different jumpers and i hope all these resources will definitely help you choose the best baby jumper for your sweetheart. If you would like to share your comments and thoughts about baby jumpers please contact us via contact form.