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I’m waiting for my first baby and searching for a right baby bassinet to keep safe, Do you? If yes, go through here…..

I have found the perfect bassinet for my baby right now, so I decided to help out those moms who suffer a lot in choosing the right one for their baby.

Many moms like me wish to place their newborn babies to sleep in the comfortable bassinets instead of the cribs and cradles. To help you, I have rounded up some of the best baby bassinets in this article.

Why baby bassinets?

Baby bassinets are more beneficial for many reasons such that there are several baby bassinet models available in the today’s market to delight the baby with a perfect sleep.

Usually, Baby bassinets are implemented for the young babies as a sleeping place that is slightly smaller spacious than other types. With this baby bassinet, you can place it next to your bed for taking good care all the time throughout a day.

Baby bassinets are well known for its high portability, safe features, and comfortability option. You can able to move the bassinets based on your desire during the day and night time. Are you in need for the best girl bassinets, check out in this link.

With these facilities, you stay relax and comfort not to worry about your loved ones. It is considered as one of the warm welcome greeting tools for your family’s newcomer.

Features involved in using the best baby bassinets

When you look unto the new baby bassinet, it consists of so many features. Most of the baby bassinet models differ in their features and design implementation based on the developer.

Compact Bedding – Bassinets are used for the newborn babies until the baby started to move and push around with the hands and legs. Its compact body bedding that is made from metal, wood, 360-degree or high-quality sturdy plastic material. Choose the baby bassinet bed with the machine washable feature so that you can keep your baby out from the harmful diseases.

Fabric material – Baby bassinets are covered with fabric or another cushion like bedding to keep the baby safe and soft during the sleep.

High portability – Not only it consists of nice cushion bedding, but also it comes out with the inclusion of wheels that makes it easy for you to move around your space.

Added Functionalities – Most of the bassinets are designed efficiently with the spacious storage packets for placing the wipes, small clothing, napkins, diapers, water bottles and so on.

Perfect shelves – Some bassinets are included with the small shelf under the main baby bedding to withstand the baby weight. Also, some bassinets consist of the mesh canopy that can be removed anytime to prevent the strangulation and other hazards.

Lighting and Sound Effects – For added innovation, some of the baby bassinets come with the features of soft music with nature sounds to delight the baby. Not only it is featured with the music sounds, but also it consists of the soft night light setting for extra safe.

You can also refer this youtube video to get complete information about baby bassinets.


List of 11 best baby bassinets of 2016 & 2017

Graco Pack ‘n Play on the Go Playard, Go Green Baby Bassinet

Looking for the double usage baby bassinets? Then Graco is your right choice to have for your lovable baby. With this Graco pack ‘n play bassinet, you can able to use this baby bassinet from infant babies to toddler kids.

You can place it next to your bed so that you can easily spot out the bad happenings around your baby. It is very much easy for you to pack up this baby bassinet to save your space when it is not in use.

Not only it saves your space, but also you can carry this packed baby bassinet around your outdoor space or any other traveling. Surely, you will love the versatility and durability of this baby bassinet model.

Its push button folding features let you offer a hassle free closing of the baby bassinet for super fast packing. With this great travel bassinet play yard, you can able to keep your baby safe and secure without noticing very often.

Graco baby bassinet comes out with the convenient carrying bag for both storage and travel purposes. Its foldable type of wheels and feet let you to easily fold and carry for your traveling places. You’ll surely amaze with the toy bar option to keep your little ones in the play mode.

Our #1 Pick:Graco Pack 'n Play On The Go Playard, Go Green

Special Feature:

This removable and foldable feet baby bassinet is perfect for napping.

Key features:

+ Graco push button,

+ attached toys.


+ foldable,

+ portable.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Halo Premiere Series Swivel 360 degree Sleeper Baby Bassinet

If you want to stop your baby crying in the midnight, Halo premiere series sleeper bassinet is a better option to go for. This baby bassinet can be fitted right over your bedside for easy noticing feature.

It is highly featured with a 360 degree swivel rotation to minimize the effort given to push the bassinet to you desirable convenient place. You can easily rotate and move this halo premiere sleeper bassinet anywhere around your space.

Halo Premiere sleeper bassinet is implemented with the mesh free see through walls and collapsible side walls to make notice of your little one from bad happening.

This luxe model is further designed with the smooth soft sounding effect and nursing timer to make note you about the feeding at a right time. The night light setting is included with this halo baby bassinet to keep the baby with the safe sleep.

Not only it consists of the evening light settings, but also it consists of the floor light setup for both mom and dad. Halo premiere sleeper baby bassinet makes your life so much easier and helps you to stay without any scarring.

Our #2 Pick:HALO Premiere Series Swivel 360 degree Sleeper Bassinest

Special Feature:

This comfortable size baby bassinets can fold under your bed and it needs only 32” clearance from the wall

Key features:

+ 360 rotates ans swivels,

+ 4 point base adjustment.


+ sturdy,

+ safest.


+ hard to clean the pad.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Baby Bassinet

Give your little one a safe, secure and comfy place to stay and sleep. No matter where you are staying or traveling, Brica Fold N’ Go travel baby bassinet helps you in all the way go.

Brica travel baby bassinet is a perfect suit for traveling to shopping malls, beaches, parks, hotels and many. Its light weight traveling ability let you fold down and open just in a matter of seconds.

With its safe T-locking frame system and high durable side walls, it provides proper stability for your little baby during the sleep. This baby bassinet is specially made through the breathable fabric materials such that it also comes out with the full ventilated mesh panels for perfect sleep.

Its comfortable bassinet’s mattress pad let your baby stay convenient and safe within a line. The sturdy integrated handle option is included with this baby bassinet to fold it tightly during any travels.

Easy detachable mattress pad and sheets are implemented for your easy cleaning option. With this Brica baby bassinet, you can offer your little baby a safe sleeping environment without the risk of the SIDS.

Our #3 Pick:BRICA Fold N' Go Travel Bassinet

Special Feature:

The net cover of this baby bassinets will not allow the insects get into it. so the baby can sleep well.

Key features:

+ Safe-T-Lock system,

+ Double locking tubular frame.


+ air flow mesh panels,

+ Light weight.


+ Weak sides.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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Delta Children Sweet beginnings Baby Bassinet

Delta children sweet beginnings bassinet is one of the amazing and fabulous Classic versions of the baby bassinets. It comes out with the elegant fabric lined and neutral color bassinet padding to keep the baby in a complete comfy zone.

This classically styled delta children baby bassinet is constructed with the high durable and sturdy materials to withstand the baby weight. Its modern gender neutral design blend comes out with many decorative measures to excite the baby.

It is efficiently featured with a handy night light setup and mild smooth music effects to keep your little one in a play mode. Delta children baby bassinet consists of the large dual type of storage baskets which makes it ideal for storing the diapers, toys, linens and so on.

Delta children baby bassinet comes out with the water resistant bassinet pad for easy cleaning option. Its quick detachable canopy is used as the added beneficial measure with this baby bassinet.

The canopy attached with this baby bassinet is easy adjusted for baby’s comfort stay. Its locking casters system let you move this baby bassinet from one room to another room easily.

Our #4 Pick:Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Special Feature:

A soothing music is built within this bassinet so that baby can enjoy the music ans sleep calmly.

Key features:

+ JPMA certifications,

+ meet ASTM and CPSC standards.


+ Convenient,

+ Comfortable.


+ There is no vibration mode.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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LulyBoo Foldable travel baby bassinet with Canopy, Toy Bar, and Plush toys

Rest your newborn baby in the LulyBoo baby bassinet such that it offers a complete convenient stay to your little one. This baby bassinet is an infant travel bedding that is usually made from high-grade materials for keeping your baby with full happiness.

You can easily convert the backpack mode to infant travel bedding with this LulyBoo lounge baby bassinet. Its easy foldable design can be turned into a bag just within a matter of seconds.

Its waterproof bottom design helps to prevent the unwanted messes from spreading over the bed. Also, this LulyBoo Baby bassinet helps to keep your baby with full dryness.

Two quick detachable toys and 3 position canopy used within this baby bassinets to let your baby remains with completely safe and entertained. This design offers complete comfort and goodness to your baby.

This beautiful blue bassinet with the white dots is a great working factor to surprise your little ones. It always provides your baby with the comfort place to rest, play and sleep with smooth music sense. For active parents, these baby bassinets are a perfect solution for fold and go traveling option.

Our #5 Pick:LulyBoo Baby Lounger To Go - Foldable Travel Bassinet

Special Feature:

This bassinet has enough space for infants to sleep and it can be folded as a shoulder bag as well.

Key features:

+ Water proof bottom,

+ made up of 100% cotton.


+ used for baby and infant,

+ waterproof.


+ Easily gets dirt.

Our Rating: 4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

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Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N care 2 in 1 Bassinet Incline Sleeper

This is the only baby bassinet that usually offers you the incline sleeping option to promote a better sleep for your babies. The design of this Kolcraft cuddle bassinet comes out with the inclusion of the medical professional ethics to help your baby sleep out peacefully.

It offers you the smoothing feature which makes your baby sleep with full comfort. You can make use of the light Vibes electronic unit to provide the classic music with the soft nature sound effect.

Kolcraft cuddle baby bassinet is a 2 in 1 incline sleeper unit that comes out with the added beneficial measure of a soft nice canopy. This soft nice canopy includes 3 hanging type of plush bear toys to stimulate the visual development of your baby.

This baby bassinet has a large storing basket for holding your baby’s clothes, diapers, water bottle and so many. Its locking wheels let you move around your space without taking any heavy effort.

Our #6 Pick:Kolcraft Cuddle 'N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet

Special Feature:

The locked wheels on this is helpful to move the bassinet safe around the rooms. It can be used for outdoors also.

Key features:

+ washable mattress,

+ locking wheels.


+ convenient to use,

+ attached to classical music.


+ Quality is not good.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Baby Bassinet

With this summer infant classic comfort wood baby bassinet, you can able to attain a fantastic outlook among your whole home furniture. This baby bassinet is highly decorated with the embroidery designs to perfectly welcome your new family member.

The mattress sheet within the baby bassinet bedding offers complete baby comfort. It is highly implemented for your little ones to sleep in a safer mode. This bassinet has the ability to withstand the weight of your baby up to 5 months older.

It comes out with the feature of high portable wheels that let you move the bassinet anywhere around your space based on your desire. The large storage basket comes out with the adjustable type of canopy that helps to block out the light flash out over the baby’s face.

You will surely wonder at the beautiful features of this baby bassinet such as smooth soft melody sound effects. It allows you to choose your favorite songs from the settings.

With all these beneficial measures, surely your baby will fall asleep faster in a matter of seconds. Another useful feature such as automated shut-off that helps to turn out with music module for peaceful sleep.

Our #7 Pick:Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

Special Feature:

This wooden baby bassinet has strong base and it could be sturdy on ground.

Key features:

+ Espresso stained hardwood complements,

+ Adjustable canopy.


+ have vibration mode,

+ effortless move by wheels.


+ Bad smell.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Contours Classique Wood Baby Bassinet

Want a classic model of the baby bassinet with a sturdy wooden frame? Here is the contour Classique wood baby bassinet. It is the perfect suit for the people who love to bring the classic style within their space.

Most of the mom plan to choose this contours wood baby bassinet because of its sturdy elegant classic wooden outlook. It also has portable Moses basket with it, such that you can able to carry your baby anywhere easily.

The interior portion of the baby bassinet has padded and quilted well design with the high-quality material. This material is used for holding the weight of the baby. Its integrated handles let you hold the baby perfectly during the travel. You can also fold down the canopy and attach it to the top surface of the baby bassinet.

Each and every fabric part of this baby bassinet are removable and this allows you to wash without creating any shrinks over it. It also consists of hanging storage unit that is large enough to hold any baby’s weight.

Its easy roll casters are very much useful for high portability option. This baby bassinet does not consist of any electronic sound player to play out the natural soft music.

Our #8 Pick:Contours Classique Wood Bassinet, Orion

Special Feature:

The basket in this bassinet is removable and it can hold by the handles which are given on both sides.

Key features:

+ solid wood frame,

+ padded mesh.


+ Handles at both side,

+ removable basket.


+ Missing parts during delivery.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Dream on me Karley Baby Bassinet

Buy a Dream on me Karley baby bassinet to improve your baby sleep. Dream on me Karley baby bassinet is one of the best baby bassinet products that helps to keep your baby with full comfort sleep.

This charming baby bassinet let you keep your newborn baby close aside to you with full security. It is highly featured with the soft delicate sturdy fabric material that comes out with an elegant lace trim and quick adjusting canopy.

The polyester foam fabric material design allows your baby to stay peacefully. Its double canopy unit helps to make some adjustment with the bassinet settings.

Due to its light weight measure and high portability, you can easily move out the baby bassinet anywhere around your space. It comes out in multiple colors to meet the user requirement.

The large storage basket placed underneath the baby bassinet has locking swivel casters system. It is a perfect suit for the active parents who want to travel around very often.

Our #9 Pick:Dream On Me Karley Bassinet (Light Blue)

Special Feature:

This product is equipped with a durable LED display unit. It views all the functions and operations performed by the device..

Key features:

+ double canopy,

+ polyester foam fabric.


+ resists up to 25lbs,

+ versatile.


+ Bad mattress pad.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Lullypop Baby 3 in 1 Travel baby bassinet with station folding bed and cream color diaper bag

The Lullypop baby 3 in 1 travel baby bassinet is well known for its unique feature of conversion from the nursery bag into the comfort carry cot. It consists of the 4 large storage compartment racks that help you to take important things for your little one.

The isothermal covers used within this lets you to safe guard the baby’s water bottles, milk, and meals under the correct temperature. This baby bassinet is an ideal option for every mom to carry out all the baby stuff efficiently.

When you open this nursery bag, the storage compartment of this baby bassinet becomes affixed with the carry cot for easy accessing. With this Lullypop baby bassinet, you can comfortably carry up to 11 kg of weight.

This waterproof baby bassinet is efficient to clean easily with mild soapy detergents. It is convenient to fold for portable carrying facility. It also consists of large storage pockets for your comfortable storing option.

Our #10 Pick:The Original Lullypop Baby Travel Bassinet

Special Feature:

This bag is portable with traditional zip with 3 in 1 easy to use bag.

Key features:

+ large enough space with 3 in 1 bag,

+ cleaning is easy.


+ folded as bag,

+ easy to use and change.


+ Not sturdy.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet, Cherry with White Eyelet

It comes with a white eyelet so that the baby can be covered and shield from the light but in a safe and elegant manner. When a parent purchases this bassinet they will get a full mattress pad as well as bedding sheets with it. There are caster wheels so it can be moved as needed. There is also a storage shelf at the base to keep diapers, wipes, and other clothing.

This is a very classy bassinet. Parents love it because the height can be adjusted as needed. All of the mattress padding and the bedding fits current safety standards so a parent does not have to worry about their baby. The interior of the bassinet measures 29.5 inches so the baby will have more than enough room to get comfortable and sleep.

This bassinet is styles and yet it is comfortable enough for the little one to sleep in peace. This bassinet can be used until the baby reaches 20 pounds which is usually around 3 to 4 months of age or until the baby is able to sit up or pull up without assistance. This bassinet is classic looking and is great addition to any home. It is made from engineered wood and power coated steel.

Our #11 Pick:Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

Special Feature:

This is rounded, stylish and very comfortable for your baby and made in USA.

Key features:badger basket best bassinet for newborn babies

+ bundled with full bedding set and mattress,

+ storage shelf on the base.

+ easily move it to anywhere with caster wheels,

+ big sized sleeping area provided for your newborn baby.

+ 29.5 inches diameter and 8.5 inches deep,


+ height adjustable beautiful canopy,

+ For babies up to 20 pounds and 3 to 4 months old.


+ Not portable.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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I do hope that the best baby bassinet products mentioned above in this article help you to choose the right one for your little ones. searching for best girl or best boy bassinets, click on this link to know more about it. If it is useful to you, do share with your friends and relative and don’t forget to pen down your comments below.


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