When parents are looking forward to the birth of their newborn baby, there is normally a lot of excitement in the home. Family and friends will join into this experience by buying all kinds of different things that the baby will need. Showering the parents with all kinds of small trinklets and big items for the baby has been a tradition in many cultures all over the globe. Though it can be an exciting time for everyone involved, it can be a challenging and frustrating time too. Specifically, when people who want to buy the baby gifts may not know what they should purchase for these occasions. So, for those of you who may find yourself in this position, here’s some information that can assist you during these times.

That being said, one of the first things that some people may think about is where the baby will lay their head when it is time to lie them down for a nap or bed time hours. Since there’s more than one type of baby furniture that can fit these situations, it is best to do this research well in advance. Thankfully, there is a lot of great write ups, blogs, manufacture information and a host of other things that can provide buyers with what they need to know. A lot of this information will answer questions that relate to the following list about the baby bassinet.

Why use baby bassinet?

It is not uncommon for new babies to spend a great deal of their time during the day and night sleeping. In fact, when they are brought home from the hospital, the activities that the parents have planned for them may even follow a planned schedule. For the most part, those babies that are more apt to be trained by the mother will sleep on schedule whenever it is time. Meaning they may fall asleep in the arms of the mom, on grandmas lap and the like. Whatever the case or situation, sleep time is an activity that is on all of the newborn’s schedules.

Fortunately, mom can get a little rest too when the baby has been placed in a comfortable position far away or close to them. This is where the bassinet comes in since it has been traditionally been used by moms all over the U.S. and abroad. So, this is a piece of furniture that has been very valuable for many years. Before a mom, friend or family member buys a bassinet for the family, part of the research that they will need to do is identify the benefits of using a bassinet. With this in mind, here’s 5 benefits that prospective buyers should review.

Benefits of Bassinets

1. Bassinets gives moms and baby sitters the capability needed to keep the newborn close to them.

Even if the parents have quite a bit of extra space in the home for a nursery, most parents will most likely want to keep their new infant close to them during the night, at least during the first several months after the new born arrives in the home. In fact, it is important to note that many studies have shown that babies who are positioned in the room close to their parents have a lessened incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Therefore, the bassinet is usually idea for those moms who want to prevent these disastrous circumstances from occurring.

2. Provides Parents with the Portability Needed for Proper Care

Bassinets are also considered to be great for those who need the portability to move the baby around the home with ease. It gives moms and baby sitters the help that they need when they want to watch over the baby in other rooms too. For instance, the parent may want to take time out to read a book, while also relaxing in their living room or their den. Or, they may need or desire to do all of the bills in an office setting. Regardless of the need or preference, the bassinet can easily be moved to where ever the mom wants to place it, even without waking up the baby.

3. Bassinets are compact

From small to large rooms, the space in any home can vary greatly. Therefore, people need items for the baby that will give them a little wiggle room at times. So, for those moms who may have a limited amount of space in an apartment or a small room in a home, the bassinet can be ideal for these and other situations. Since this kind of baby furniture has been designed to be small, it is compact enough to place virtually anywhere. For instance, even when people may be traveling from one place to another, all they may have to do is pack up their little bassinet and take it where ever they need or want to go. In fact, some models have been made for ease in these situations since the bottom legs can be folded up and stored away quickly.

4. Bassinets have been designed with certain Safety Features

When shopping for all of the baby items that the family will need, it is important that family members and friends know that safety should be their number one priority. Fortunately, many of today’s designers and manufacturers know that baby furniture must be built with certain safety features in mind. Since safety is a number one priority for manufacturers too, they are now being made with a variety of safety features and needs. For instance, many of the best baby bassinet optionscontain special padded sides as well as other infant specific features. So, moms can choose those best baby bassinets available that are made of sturdy materials that keep the baby cool and safe.

5. Affordable

While buying different kinds of baby furniture can be a fun and exciting shopping spree for those who have the unlimited budget, it can be a very unnerving experience for those who have a limited amount to spend. Therefore, instead of moms and dads buying the big baby bed for their newborn, they may be looking for options that will allow them to be more conservative in the amount that they spend. Thankfully, with the introduction of the bassinet, buyers have a more affordable alternative, and the ranges that can fit a variance of budgets, from minimum amounts with the basics to luxury styles that may be quite costly.

When do you need a bassinet?

When moms are buying their baby furniture and other items for their newborn, they may make a list of what is needed. If they have other children, they may have items already stored away that they can use over and over again. On the other hand, if it is their only child, they may need everything including the smallest items to prepare for the baby to arrive in the home. In some cases, the mother will be making quite a few choices between what is actually needed and what is not. So, they may exclude items that will not add value to their day. One of which that can be and should be considered closely is the bassinet. While some people may make it without the bassinet, others may needed it as a basic requirement. Some of the more noteworthy reasons usually include when the family needs a place for the baby to sleep that does not cost a lot, the family needs baby furniture that is portable, and can be moved from place to place in the most compact and smallest spaces.

Bassinet vs Crib How to Decide

If the parents are trying to determine whether they should buy a bassinet for their new baby or a crib to place them in when they arrive in the home, it’s important for them to become familiar with both the pros and cons of each. This is because the need for choosing between the two are not the same since circumstances will differ from one family’s needs to another. So, for parents who want to know the distinctions that they should consider first, here’s a few of the pros and cons that should be reviewed.


Co-sleeping is considered to be much easier with a bassinet.

Co-sleeping is considered to be much easier with a bassinet. Meaning the parents can sleep with the baby in their room at any time because they are portable. This is not always true with the crib because they are normally much larger fixed furniture that is not easy to move from one room or space to another. Bassinets are also more conducive to midnight feedings because no one has to leave the room if the formula is by the bed at the right time. Additionally, for moms who have had c-sections, this is normally a necessity and not a luxury for them since it is a lot more difficult for them to move around freely.

Types of bassinets

When parents are shopping around online and in retail stores, they may find that there is a wide range of different types of bassinets on the market today. So, they will need to review the different types to see which ones will best fit their taste, preferences and needs. Typically, one of the best ways to survey and access the different styles is to look online for availability since there is a lot of invaluable data provided for the mother via the Internet. Some of the more commonly known and preferred include the following options:

light and portable models – sometimes referred to as “Moses baskets,- co-sleeper bassinets- portable bassinets with rollers- Bassinets that are designed with swinging motions- Bassinets with high stands to reduce back strain when bending over the baby- Bassinets made with detachable hoods and folding legs.

How to Select the best features

To select the best type for an individual, people will need to assess their needs. Since space available in the home, decor on how people like to arrange their space, the need for having the baby close to them in the room should all be factored in, these are also criteria for choosing the right type for the family. For instance, if the mom has to move the baby from one home to another on a regular basis, it is important that they purchase a bassinet that has folding legs. Folding legs will make it much easier to store away in the trunk or other areas of the vehicle when it has to be mobile.

Caring Tips

When making a selection, another area of concern that should be considered is caring tips for the bassinets. To prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, the places that babies sleep will need to be considered very closely. For instance, the pads that the mom uses in the bassinet must be made of sturdy materials that can be machine washable.