What is the best bassinet for newborn?

How to choose a bassinet?

Most parent consider them important because of their many advantages as compared to cribs. For instance, they allow the parent to attend the baby quickly at night without the necessity of them waking from their beds. For those who had C-Section, they are not allowed to make unnecessary movements, thus bassinets become handy. When a newborn comes home it is important to have a place for them to sleep safely. Many parents wonder what is the best bassinet for a newborn. A good bassinet for a newborn will allow the baby to sleep comfortably and safely . These following bassinets are the best for newborns to sleep in.

What factors are considered when ranking a good bassinet for newborns?

As the market is filled with various types of bassinets, it will be hard to select one that suits you. For easy choosing, factors like less space consumer, easy to transport, co-sleeper, design, versatility and durability are considered.
The best Amazon bassinets for newborn babies.


Our 10 Top Rated Bassinets of 2018

I have researched by conducting interviews, reading best reviews and explore individual bassinet products from more than 18 brands operating in United States and concluded 10 best bassinets by features, weight limit, portability, by gender and types. I am sure these will definitely help you choosing a good bassinet for your baby.
PhotoBassinetTypeWeight LimitOur Rank
Graco Pack 'n Play Playard BassinetPortable15 Pounds1
HALO Swivel 360 Degree Sleeper BassinestFoldable30 Pounds2
BRICA Fold N' Go Travel BassinetTravel15 Pounds3
Arm's Reach ideal curve bedside bassinetArm's Reach Co-Sleeper Bedside BassinetBedside 31.4 Pounds4
Arm's Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-SleeperCo-Sleeper25 Pounds5
summer infant best bassinet for newborn babySummer Infant Classic Comfort Wood BassinetWood15 Pounds6
swaddleme bedside bassinetSwaddleMe By Your Bed SleeperBedside17.5 Pounds7
Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Portable BassinetPortable20 Pounds8
Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep BassinetBaby Girl15 Pounds9
graco bassinet attaches to bedGraco Dream Suite BassinetAttaches To Bed30 Pounds10


1- Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

summer infant best bassinet for newborn baby

This bassinet comes with the theme of fox and friends. These friends will play soothing music that will help the baby stay asleep. In addition to the soothing music it is able to play calming sounds. One of the sounds that this bassinet plays even resembles the sounds that the baby heard while in the womb. The bassinet will lightly vibrate so that the baby can be lulled to sleep and stay asleep. The bassinet has wheels so that it can be moved from room to room without a problem. This way the parents can keep an eye on the baby no matter where they are in the home. This feature offers peace of mind. There is an adjustable canopy to shield out the light.

Under the bassinet there is a large basket that can be used to store items such as blankets or diapers. The bassinet comes in an espresso hardwood color so it can be used for a boy or a girl. It can also match the décor of just about any room. This bassinet was designed for use with babies from the time they are born until they reach 15 pounds or 5 months of age. This bassinet was designed to be safe and secure so a parent will not have to worry about their sleeping baby.


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2- Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

badger basket best bassinet for newborn babies

There is something that will instantly set this bassinet apart from others. It comes with a white eyelet so that the baby can be covered and shield from the light but in a safe and elegant manner. When a parent purchases this bassinet they will get a full mattress pad as well as bedding sheets with it. There are caster wheels so it can be moved as needed. There is also a storage shelf at the base to keep diapers, wipes, and other clothing. This is a very classy bassinet. Parents love it because the height can be adjusted as needed. All of the mattress padding and the bedding fits current safety standards so a parent does not have to worry about their baby. The interior of the bassinet measures 29.5 inches so the baby will have more than enough room to get comfortable and sleep.

This bassinet is styles and yet it is comfortable enough for the little one to sleep in peace. This bassinet can be used until the baby reaches 20 pounds which is usually around 3 to 4 months of age or until the baby is able to sit up or pull up without assistance. This bassinet is classic looking and is great addition to any home. It is made from engineered wood and power coated steel.


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These are the best affordable bassinets for newborns that are stylish, roomy, and look great in any room. When a person is looking to have their newborn sleep soundly and do not want to worry about safety these are the two of the comfortable bassinets to put the baby in. Here is a complete list of 11 top rated bassinets for newborns.

How to find the best portable bassinet for your baby?

Best portable bassinets on the market

It can become an issue when trying to find out which is the best portable bassinet. There are some bassinets that stand out more than others due to their innovative design, price, or the number of positive reviews that they have received from consumers. There are only a few that have been able to meet these three factors; therefore, they are the most sought after (below).

1- Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

fisher-price best portable bassinetPerfect for portable sleeping environment, this bassinet can be used at home or on the go because of its portability feature and you can fold it easily to carry with you anywhere. Recommended maximum weight is 25 pounds and its pad is dryer safe and washable.

This is a gentle-looking bassinet that is just as calming as it appears to be for kids. It has the sort of idyllic appearance that a lot of people want in their kids’ bedrooms. Most babies are going to take to a bassinet like this one very well.

One of the top bassinet brands is Fisher-Price. This brand has been able to obtain numerous positive reviews on their Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet. Its structure is very solid and provides the utmost comfort for a baby. The price is definitely shocking, as it is very low. You would never expect a bassinet of this type of quality to be offer at such an affordable price, but Fisher-Price always makes sure to provide the lowest prices out there so that consumers can obtain the best of the best, without emptying their wallets. At the moment, on Amazon, this is the number 1 best selling portable bassinet.

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2- Badger Basket Company Portable Bassinet

badger basket best portable bassinetIt provides a 2 in 1 feature, this makes it easier to convert it into handy toy box when your baby outgrows.  You can use it as a bed for your baby by lifting off its base and move it to anywhere in the house or fold it for travel. Badger Basket’s Portable N Cradle Bassinet with Toy box Base is considered a super high-quality product, as it is made of luxurious material and has a few features that can help you in different aspects.

It can be converted into rocking cradle by flipping up its caster wheels. It comes with complete bedding set including vinly covered foam pad, skirt, liner, sheet and adjustable canopy. Bassinet body measures 32 inches Lenght, 18 inches wide and 9 inches of height. This is an angelic looking white bassinet that a lot of people are going to love.

It’s a bassinet that looks like it’s fairly fancy, even though it is much more reasonably priced than that. Most babies are going to feel like it’s comfortable, and it is a bassinet that manages to combine the look of a crib with the look of a bassinet all at the same time. Convertible pieces of baby gear like this can truly give people the best of both worlds.


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Your baby cannot be experimenting on bassinets that you do not know for sure if they live up the hype that surrounds them or not. Fisher-Price and Badger Basket are brands that always provide top-notch quality and innovative designs, which is one of the main reasons why so many mothers around the globe opt for their bassinets. These brands have garnered a loyal following, one that keeps growing every year. Check out our top 5 best portable bassinet product reviews here.

What should you consider when buying a best travel bassinet for your little one?

Choose a basinet that is foldable and can easily be carried in a bag for travelling.

A new mother is often faced with the challenge of where to begin when it comes to parenting and on what to buy and what is not necessary. One of the things that is a must have however, is a bassinet. A bassinet serves so many purposes that it beats logic to keep it out of the motherhood registry. A good bassinet should offer the best sleeping area for an infant because that is all they day anyway and at the same time be light enough to be carried up and about for travel.

Construction material

Infants are prone to all kinds of infections and allergies. It is important to ensure that whatever the bassinet is made of shall not cause harm to the baby in any way. Seek to invest in a bassinet that is eco-friendly and made with the least chemicals.

Size and weight

A travel bassinet should be light weight or else it would beat the entire purpose. Select a bassinet that can easily be lifted from one place to the other and that ca also be carried without needing wheels.

Safety precautions

Infants have no sense of gravity nor safety. A good travel bassinet should be able to hold the baby in place while at the same time allowing the baby to breath. The best kind to use would be a bassinet made of wire mesh.

Easy of cleaning

Parenthood and messes go hand in hand. As a young mother the first thing you learn to appreciate about your child is that they will make messes. The key is to buy a bassinet that can easily be cleaned and dried without growing mildew or stinking.


1- SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper, Deluxe

This is a great product from SwaddleMe that comes in an original and deluxe version.

SwaddleMe travel bassinetFeatures

1. It is a polyester bassinet that measures 29.50’’* 13.50’’ when open and 16.60*16.10*2.70 when folded.

2. The bassinet comes with a detachable sound, light and vibration unit which plays heartbeat, nature and music sounds to help your baby fall asleep

3. The bassinet is covered in mesh all round to allow air circulation for the baby and a clear view for you.

4. The metal farm holding it together is study hence there is no risk of collapse. When folded the metal folds flat.

5. All in all the bassinet is made of soft comfortable fabrics for the baby’s tender back.



  • Easy to set up and collapse
  • When collapsed it can easily be carried in a bag
  • It is safe for the baby’s back and poses no health risk


  • Even after washing the product still has a strong chemical smell
  • The deluxe version is quite pricey

Customer reviews

This bassinet has a more than average rating of 4.2 out of five. It seems to be a personal favorite among many because eat allows parents to co-sleep with their children. One customer says this and I quote” my only regret is not having bought it sooner.”

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2- Serta iComfort Infant Sleeper, Gray

This is designed to put parents at ease and to allow night feeding to be a less stressful process.

serta best travel bassinet infant sleeperFeatures

1. This is a very large baby bassinet. It comes in handy for infants who are rapidly growing as it will take a while to outgrow this.

2. The basinet features an electronic module with night light, lullaby and nature sounds and a 2-speed vibrations.

3. The bassinet has been built with a sturdy frame

4. One handed compact fold design makes it efficient for travel

5. The panel is made of mesh for better visibility and air circulation

6. It is able to accommodate a 5lbs child sitting up unassisted.


  • The nature sounds and the lullabies lull the baby to sleep. The vibrations also come in handy when the child is rather restless.
  • It is a great travel companion
  • There is no smell and all the materials used to make it are eco-friendly.


  • The night light is too bright for young children and may need to be dimmed.
  • The sides of the bassinet are not firm minimizing its use for co-sleeping.
  • The basinet topples over if a baby kicks the side

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If you are looking for more options for travel bassinets then please check out our 5 best bassinets for flight

How to choose the best bedside bassinet for your baby?

Have these important considerations in mind when looking for the best bassinet for bedside

A bassinet is a portable, comfortable and a small wicker cradle for a baby, which usually comes with a hood. It offers an ideal place where you can put your new baby. Some models are attached to the bed of the parents to make it easier to attend to the baby at night as well.

You will need to have some important considerations in mind when looking for the ideal bassinet and among these is the safety of the baby Ensure that it is safe for your baby by checking it has mesh walls for proper ventilation. The bassinet should also have a firm, thin mattress which, ideally, should be less than one inch thick. All the materials that are in contact with the skin of your baby should be clean as well. You should also be conscious of this fact as you choose your bassinet.

The weight and size of the bassinet are key considerations as well. In this regard, you may need to look at factors like if your house has any stairs and you may need to carry it from one level to another. Other considerations include the width of your hallways and if they have any awkward turns that you may need to negotiate before you get to the bedroom.


1- Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

arms-reach best bedside bassinet co-sleeperSimply the best for sleeping near your baby without having to share your bed, the Arm’s reach co- sleeper bedside bassinet safely attaches to the bed of the parent. It also converts into a playard and free-standing bassinet.


Some of its other features include a new, improved soft mesh that aids in ventilation as well as a mattress fitted with a carry bag and sheet. The Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet also entails a washable, removable liner.


One of the advantages of the Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet is that it lets your baby sleep near your bed but remains safely in their bed at the same time. This way you can monitor the baby while also teaching it to be independent.There is also much room for your baby to use for playing, which is necessary for their development.

As compared to the other bassinets and co-sleepers in the market, the Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet has a greater weight capacity for the top part, allowing your baby to be at the top for long.

It also entails a washable and removable liner over its pad that remains new after washing it several times. You can turn it into a pack and play whenever your baby is not playing on the top part.


The pad does not feel very comfortable, but babies do not mind it.Another disadvantage is that the bassinet does not work as well with all kinds of bed frames.

Moms out there will find the Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet quite helpful for their baby, and it is a worthy investment.

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2- babybay Bedside Sleeper – Untreated Finish

babybay bedside bassinet co-sleeperThis bedside sleeper entails a guardrail and co-sleeper mattress. Its dimensions are 36 in long, 20 in deep, 37 in tall, weight: 32 lbs, besides a bedside co-sleeping platform measuring 35 in x 20 in.

The finishes on the babybay® infant co-sleeper are water-based and therefore, non-toxic with no or low VOC. This means that your baby will sleep in a healthy environment.

The co-sleeper also features a full height, wide adjustable platform for sleeping, fits flush as well as secure to any bed height.


The babybay bedside sleeper is securely attached to the bed of the mother, making it possible for her to nurse and soothe the baby without having to leave your bed.

It is also feasible to transform the bedside crib into a portable baby crib by using a roller kit or changing it to a standalone crib that entails a conversion kit.

The babybay are also shaped like a half moon to make them mimic the comfort and assurance of a hug. The solid, eco-friendly beech-wood construction will also offer your baby a durable, stable, sustainable crib that you will use for a long time.

You can customize your babybay bedside sleeper to add to its style, comfort, and softness. Due to its water-based finishing, it will not have any toxic effect on your baby. Another of its important attributes is that it takes about fifteen minutes to assemble it.


The only disadvantage of the babybay bedside sleeper is that it is only for use for babies who are six months and below.

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Lactation experts recommend the babybay bedside sleeper for both breast and formula feeding, and with the above demerits, it is easy to see why. You can find out a list of our 9 best co sleeper bassinet product reviews here.

What factors you should keep in mind while choosing the best baby bassinet attaches to bed

Co-sleeping at its best

Co-sleeping is a great way for both you and your baby to get some much-needed rest. It does not always have to mean that the baby is in bed with you. Co-sleeping can mean that the baby is sleeping next to you. Keeping baby close means that you can hear every sound the little one makes and be assured that all is well. Your baby benefits from co-sleeping by being next to you and having the sounds that have been so familiar to them while in the womb, but some feel that it can be dangerous for the baby to be in the same bed.

You can have the best of both worlds with the Babybay Bedside Sleeper.

babybay best bedside bassinet
This baby bassinet attaches to bed mattresses firmly and securely. The Babybay Bedside Sleeper may be just the solution that you need to keep baby close at night, but not have to worry about rolling over on top of them. This bassinet slides between the frame and mattress, creating a firm and secure attachment for baby to sleep. It has a secure railing around three sides and a drop-down gate that will allow you easy access to the baby without ever having to get out of bed.This is perfect for those that are breastfeeding because you never have to get out of bed for those middle of the night feedings.

Product Features & Safety

The Babybay Bedside sleeper allows you to create a safe space for your baby and is convenient for you. Some bassinets are available that are freestanding and can be placed right beside the bed, but you still have to get out of bed to take care of your baby. When the baby bassinet attaches to bed components, it eliminates the need to get out of bed at all.

BabyBay bedside sleeper is considered to be the best bedside bassinet for your baby.

babybay best bassinet attaches to bedBassinets are available that can be placed right in the bed with you, such as travel bassinets. The only problem with these is that they take up valuable bed space, which can be particularly important if you sleep with a partner or have a smaller bed. In addition, there is always the possibility that you will roll over and accidentally push these models off of the bed. This makes them no better than sleeping with the baby in the bed without a bassinet.

When the baby bassinet attaches to bed components, the possibility of accidentally shoving it off is eliminated and you can still have all of your most precious bed space to yourself.

There are few baby bassinet models available that attach to bed components themselves. The inability to get a good night’s sleep is the number one complaint that many new mothers have and anything that can help make nighttime care a little easier is much welcomed. The name of the game is to be able to take care of nighttime necessities quickly and easily so that both of you can get back to that much-needed sleep.



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The Babybay Bedside Sleeper comes in several different finishes and colors so it will coordinate with the rest of your bedroom furniture. Once you try it, you will understand why this baby bassinet should be an essential for everyone. Please read our top 8 best baby bassinet attaches to bed product reviews reviews here on this blog post.

Benefits of using baby bassinets for your newborn

mom can get a little rest too when the baby has been placed in a comfortable position far away or close to them

When moms are buying their baby furniture and other items for their newborn, they may make a list of what is needed. If they have other children, they may have items already stored away that they can use over and over again. On the other hand, if it is their only child, they may need everything including the smallest items to prepare for the baby to arrive in the home. In some cases, the mother will be making quite a few choices between what is actually needed and what is not. So, they may exclude items that will not add value to their day. One of which that can be and should be considered closely is the bassinet. While some people may make it without the bassinet, others may needed it as a basic requirement. Some of the more noteworthy reasons usually include when the family needs a place for the baby to sleep that does not cost a lot, the family needs baby furniture that is portable, and can be moved from place to place in the most compact and smallest spaces

1. Bassinets gives moms and baby sitters the capability needed to keep the newborn close to them.

Even if the parents have quite a bit of extra space in the home for a nursery, most parents will most likely want to keep their new infant close to them during the night, at least during the first several months after the new born arrives in the home. In fact, it is important to note that many studies have shown that babies who are positioned in the room close to their parents have a lessened incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Therefore, the bassinet is usually idea for those moms who want to prevent these disastrous circumstances from occurring.

2. Provides Parents with the Portability Needed for Proper Care

Bassinets are also considered to be great for those who need the portability to move the baby around the home with ease. It gives moms and baby sitters the help that they need when they want to watch over the baby in other rooms too. For instance, the parent may want to take time out to read a book, while also relaxing in their living room or their den. Or, they may need or desire to do all of the bills in an office setting. Regardless of the need or preference, the bassinet can easily be moved to where ever the mom wants to place it, even without waking up the baby.

3. Bassinets are compact

From small to large rooms, the space in any home can vary greatly. Therefore, people need items for the baby that will give them a little wiggle room at times. So, for those moms who may have a limited amount of space in an apartment or a small room in a home, the bassinet can be ideal for these and other situations. Since this kind of baby furniture has been designed to be small, it is compact enough to place virtually anywhere.

For instance, even when people may be traveling from one place to another, all they may have to do is pack up their little bassinet and take it where ever they need or want to go. In fact, some models have been made for ease in these situations since the bottom legs can be folded up and stored away quickly.

4. Bassinets have been designed with certain Safety Features

When shopping for all of the baby items that the family will need, it is important that family members and friends know that safety should be their number one priority. Fortunately, many of today’s designers and manufacturers know that baby furniture must be built with certain safety features in mind. Since safety is a number one priority for manufacturers too, they are now being made with a variety of safety features and needs.

For instance, many of the best baby bassinet options contain special padded sides as well as other infant specific features. So, moms can choose those best baby bassinets available that are made of sturdy materials that keep the baby cool and safe.

5. Affordable

While buying different kinds of baby furniture can be a fun and exciting shopping spree for those who have the unlimited budget, it can be a very unnerving experience for those who have a limited amount to spend. Therefore, instead of moms and dads buying the big baby bed for their newborn, they may be looking for options that will allow them to be more conservative in the amount that they spend. Thankfully, with the introduction of the bassinet, buyers have a more affordable alternative, and the ranges that can fit a variance of budgets, from minimum amounts with the basics to luxury styles that may be quite costly.

Baby Bassinet Reviews

Here at Pro Baby Bassinets, we do all of the work for you by choosing the best bassinets on the market. We have the extensive knowledge to recommend bassinets that will make your baby feel comfortable and have a good night sleep.

Are you looking for best co sleeper for your newborn baby?